The Girls’ Hanging Garden

Keeping kids’ rooms organized is a challenge for most parents. And if you have a collector of handbags, jewelry and princess’ dresses like our oldest daughter, it can be especially difficult to keep the space neat.
Hooks are a fantastic way to get that stuff off the floor and can also be a decorative element in a kid’s room. Perfect also for small apartments, like ours, or if you have little kids, you hang it at the level the child can reach it and this will make them feel more important and in turn want to use them!

There are many cute styles to choose from in the stores, but I wanted to do one that would go with our girls’ room’s decor. So here it is: I bought 4 yellow knobs that work as hooks and made 4 vinyl designs to complete flower arrangement.

Our daughter really enjoys hanging up her bags on these flowers!

Hanging GardenHanging Garden

Hanging Garden

The Girls’ Hanging Garden