Home Sweet Home

As a child I always wanted a proper cubby-house (lite koja in swedish). With my sisters or friends we always built them from sheets, boxes and whatever we could find. But in the end it didn’t matter, we always had a great time and it was a fantastic way to make us express our inventive side.

Now I am a grown up, mother of two beautiful girls that make you remember every day when you were a child. And the feeling is amazing.
When our oldest daughter was around 2 years old, she was building little houses everywhere. So I felt the need of making her/my wish come true…

One year later I finally finished it (better late than never), sewing like never before smiley
And she enjoys it a lot which makes mommy very happy.

It’s a great way to give your kids their own private space (either alone or with their friends and cousins), and let their fantasy fly away. A house where they can play all year around. (Here in Sweden outdoor play time is limited during winter… have I mentioned before that Swedish winters are very long… för långa? smileysmiley)

Home Sweet Home

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