I wanted to give a present to my brother in law and his partners at the Lingon Restaurant as a thank you for helping us move to Uppsala. So I decided to do a framed design that would go with their decoration; a framed button art came to my mind with the image of their logo on it: the lingonberry.

A piece of burlap, a pack of mixed-size buttons, glue, some sequins and I got started.

I am not reinventing the wheel here :)
You can see these kind of ideas on the Internet, but I wanted to show you mine anyway smiley
So I traced the lingonberry onto the fabric with a black ink pen (since the chalk didn’t work very well), then I laid the buttons onto it without gluing them. After seeing how it was coming along I started to glue them on the burlap one by one.


To cover the ink edge and to give a sparkling touch, I added the sequins.

To make it personalized, my husband gave me the idea of signing it by sowing my name on it. And that is what I did adding my initials and year.

Final step, I secured the burlap to a piece of thick cardboard with staples, and popped it back in the frame. I removed the glass since the buttons would stand out more without it.

And here it is! Already hanging at their restaurant!