A Ladybug Party

I was given a little dress with ladybugs in a garden a couple of years ago, as a present for our baby daughter. The dress was size 2T, so since then I knew that I was going to prepare a ladybug birthday party for our little one when she turned 2.

So… I started with the invitations. I wanted to do something a bit different from what I saw on the internet and to keep the garden atmosphere.

So, this is what I came up with:

After that I started coming up with more and more ideas… you can see it all here.

A little ladybug can give you so much fun… and can take over your house too! smiley

A Ladybug Party

Pops Art

Last month was my father in law’s birthday and I decided to do a 60s/pop art poster for him as a gift.

The 60s was a decade of lots of fun for him so I wanted to design something that could bring him good memories and at the same time to highlight the good in the present. So I included his family (his wife, kids and their spouses) in the design. So past and present time all together smiley

My husband’s family call themselves “La Familia” (it means The Family in Spanish) so that suits me very well smiley

For the design I picked this photo of him where he is looking very 60s and various pictures of the family from now.

And this is the final poster. Hope you like it.

Pops Art