A toy story

After my baby girl falls asleep, my day is not over yet. I clean up the baby chair and table, put back her books and prepare her bag for the following day so she is ready to go to the kindergarten. What takes most of the time is to pick up all the toys that are scattered all over the place. I pretty much have to put the entire place back in order.

I have only one daughter, Nioma, and she manages to turn the house upside down when it comes to playing. If you are a parent, I am not telling you anything new.smiley

Most of the time she gets bored very fast with her toys and she starts playing with our stuff.

Last night she was playing with bowls and clothes and of course her toys were spread all over the floor. I usually sit next to her and play with her since she will hang on my legs and complain if I start doing other things.

Yesterday, while I was watching her play I got an image in my mind of a design using the things that she was playing with. So after I put her to sleep, I started to play around with what she had left on the floor.

And this is what I came up with:

At the end of the day it is always “A Toy Story” for mommy.


A toy story